Fast Facts

The University of Arizona Foundation was founded in 1958 as an Arizona nonprofit corporation. The UAF is exempt from Federal income tax as a section 501(c)(3)organization. The Foundation provides assistance to the University in three areas: fund-raising, asset management and facilitation.

Foundation News


Asset Management

  • The UA Foundation manages a $825 million endowment.
  • The UA Foundation asset base is $950 million.
  • The UA Foundation maintains approximately 4,000 accounts for 200 programs.
  • The endowment payout rate is 4 percent.
  • The UA Foundation serves as trustee for life income agreements.


The Foundation assists the University in other areas upon request. For example, the Foundation can acquire real estate property on behalf the University. The UA Foundation also created a legal entity so that the UA could facilitate a gift of intellectual property.

Board of Trustees

  • Comprised of business and civic leaders from throughout Arizona and the United States, the board is responsible for the Foundation’s policies, procedures and overall direction.
  • Board members’ professional expertise and community involvement allow them to offer valuable insights into the Foundation’s development efforts.